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Stella turns two!

Updated: Apr 9

This post is a couple weeks late (#secondchildprobz - am I right?) but I wanted to wish my most beautiful baby girl the happiest 2nd birthday. I’m not going to lie, I have had a lot of anxiety around Stella turning two mostly because Roman had a lot of regression between age 2-3. He started smiling and laughing less and less and the thought of not seeing Stella’s sweet smile every day is just gut wrenching to me. I often wished I could just freeze time to stop the inevitable. It’s scary to think the same may happen with Stella this year, however the difference now is that we have SO much hope. Stella began her infusions roughly 5 months before the age Roman started his and we are now on the cusp of getting this second treatment started for them. Stella has been handling her infusions so well and we have already started seeing many benefits from them just three months in. Instead of going into this next year filled with worry and anxiety about Stella’s health, we are choosing to go into it with an abundance of optimism and hope for not just Stella, but both of our kids.

Stella, Mommy and Daddy are so incredibly proud of the sweet and charismatic little girl you are becoming right before our eyes. You are a pillar of strength and resilience. God has thrown you and your brother many obstacles that we WILL overcome as a family. Please know that Mommy and Daddy are doing everything humanly possible to give you the best life and to ensure we get to spend MANY, MANY birthdays together. You are the bravest, strongest little warrior I know and I KNOW your future will be bright. I love you more than I could ever put into words. Happy birthday my Stella, my star❤️✨💫



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