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If I could go back in time

If I could could go back in time to the terrified and exhausted woman I was at the beginning of this journey...

Who was desperate to find some kind of meaning in the tough circumstances she was given with her children's diagnosis'

And couldn't possibly see how she would ever be able to find the joy in life again

I would give that girl the biggest hug.

I would hold her tight and getnly tell her that everything will be okay

But that her journey wouldn't get any easier

And that there will be even more difficult challenges that lie ahead

But that SHE would grow stronger

And that the love she has for her children will allow her to get through each and every one

And for every tough moment, there will be thousands of moments of happinness and gratitude.

I would tell her how her children are going to give her a unique and invaluable view on life

And teach her just how precious every moment is.

I would tell her that she will become her children's voice and use their journey as an opportunity to educate and spread awareness to others

And that she will meet some of the most inspiring and selfless people out there along the way

I would tell her I know how difficult it is for her to get past the grief and sadness she is feeling right now

But that there is so much joy waiting for her on the other side

And that I am SO PROUD of the person she will become along the way.

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